Nick Marlbrough

Multimedia Strategist


Hey, I’m Nick an old Web Developer from San Diego, California. (Now located in Seattle, Washington.) I started building WordPress Websites when I was 16 years old. It started as a way for me to share video-game clips on a website I made for my friends. I’ve always had a lot of interests, thankfully I have the web skills to give myself a platform for any interest I take seriously enough to dedicate time and resources towards.

I’ve always enjoyed building websites for people just getting started. The collaborative journey from a project’s conception to it’s completion has always been fulfilling.

Professional Profile

Sales. Lots of sales. Via; Customized product recommendations, Signing projects after long negotiations, Signing projects on-the-spot with new clientele at events, E-commerce methods, and Cannabis POS apps… It always comes down to having solid knowledge of your product, and an understanding of what the buyer is looking for. Then we upsale. I’ve even done phone sales at one point!

Creativity is found everywhere. From keeping business relations happy, to improving a user’s experience from the start . You’ve got to be creative to get things done! I’m technically savvy, so I try to get keep my laptop around for added effectiveness. I’m familiar with all; Office apps, and Popular media programs. With my background in Web Development, I’m also familiar with coding!

Recent Work

Recent Jobs

Modest Start

(JAN 2018 – CURRENT) Developer, Designer and Owner

A professional independent  brand for project based WordPress development, implementing new designs, assets, and site functionality, project management, and review/revision process.


(JUN 2021 – JUL 2022) Budtender and Graphic Designer

Boosting sales via customized product recommendations based on unique customer needs. Graphic design and creative direction for cannabis retail signage and displays store-wide. Opening and closing operations, customer service, customer-traffic management, stocking, de-escalation.

Press Wizards

(JUN 2014 – DEC 2019) Lead Support and Web Developer

Primary remote customer support representative for remote clientele, project based web-developments, implementing new designs, assets, functionalities, while tracking progress and revisions with the client until completion.


A couple focuses I have, in order of experience.

Customer Service
Technical Ability
Artistic Abilities
Managerial Experience


Hilltop High School

(AUG 2010 – JUN 2014) Chula Vista, CA – Diploma Core curriculum courses, independently learned web development skills for personal use.

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